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Fire Restration

Our Processes Restore Items and Reduce Costs!

We realize how difficult and expensive it can be to replace carpets, curtains, furniture, metal objects fixture, and other items. Our state-of-the-art fire and smoke cleanup solutions, cleaning processes, and techniques often prevent expensive replacement costs. We can also bring many irreplaceable articles to a pre-damage condition.

After a Fire…

The sight and smell of a building in the aftermath of a fire can be traumatic. It may seem like the scene would be impossible to restore. After the fire trucks leave, there is often water damage added to the fire and smoke damage.  After we get rid of all excess water and dry off the areas affected by water damage from extinguishing the fire. As we move forward with the cleanup and restoration process, we will eliminate unseen chemical and biological contaminants. When your residence or commercial building is completely dry, we will start the procedure of restoring everything back to pre-disaster condition. The Pro Source Restoration team will remove any lingering dust, smoke, and debris. Finally, we will thoroughly disinfect your residence or business.

Assessing, Removing, and Restoring after Smoke Damage

As soon as you call us, our crew will hit the ground running! After assessing the damage to your premises, our specialists will begin to remove items. We will keep consulting with you as we clean what can be saved and dispose of any items that cannot be salvaged. We will remove soot and pollutants, and then thoroughly deodorize them.

Skill and Knowledge Required for Fire and Smoke Cleanup

Fire and smoke damage cleanup and restoration demand skill and expertise. The team at Pro Source Restoration is well trained and highly qualified to handle all aspects of the aftermath of any disaster. We are ready to:

  • Develop a plan of action upon estimating your damage to your building and belongings.
  • Listen carefully to you and work with you to clean and restore all your fire-damaged areas.
  • Apply our skills with compassion with attention to your concerns through the whole process.
  • Handle every task speedily yet efficiently.
  • Clean, restore, and deodorize your residence or business.

Professional Smoke Deodorization

Sometimes there is not a fire per se, but smoke damage caused by, say, accidentally leaving a pot of stew on the stove. For any kind of smoke damage, we conduct odor removal using state-of-the-art apparatus, such as foggers, and hydroxyl and ozone generators.

The Reconstruction Procedure to Cleanup Fire and Smoke Damage

Once the fire restoration is complete, your property will return to the way it was before. Our construction experts will be on hand for all necessary rebuilding and repairs.

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