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Radon Remediation

Radon in Our Communities

The famous term used to describe Prescott, Arizona, is “Everybody’s Hometown.” Prescott and nearby communities are wonderfully scenic with near-perfect climate year-round. The area is rich in culture and history, with plenty of fishing, hiking, and camping. Many folks retire here because they find our community attractive and peaceful. However, there is one characteristic that is not so pleasant about Prescott and the surrounding communities that we share with just about every area in the United States: In some homes and businesses, there is the presence of radon gas.

Radon Testing

You probably will not be able to detect radon through human sensory protection, but that doesn’t mean it is not present in your residence or commercial building. And if it is present in high concentrations, it can be harmful. But do not panic! The radon mitigation specialists at Pro Source Restoration can test radon levels where you live or operate your commerce. We are trained and qualified to determine whether the levels are safe or dangerously high.

The Air You Breath…

More than ever, especially since the outbreak of Covid-19, more people are spending more time doing things indoors. You should be sure that the air you breathe, inside your home or business, is clean. Whether the concentration of radon is safe or needs to be reduced, our professionals will use their skills to give you peace of mind.

Radon and Cancer Risk

Today we live in a society that is quite conscious of good health. Many people have quit smoking because cigarettes are a known carcinogen. Many people take antioxidant supplements to help avoid the risk of cancer. But strangely enough, people often neglect to get their homes or business-related buildings tested for radon. Radon is an odorless, invisible gas that has proven to cause cancer. Its vapor arises from rocks and soil. Contacting the radon mitigation technicians at Pro Source Restoration will be an excellent step toward protecting your family or employees and customers from high-risk levels of radon.

If Levels of Radon are High…

If there are high concentrations of radon in your structure, radon reduction may be required. There are several approaches or systems obtainable that either prevent radon from entering the building or reduce its levels after it has arrived. A radon mitigation and abatement system with continuous monitoring may be the solution. Some of these systems are proven to 99% efficient! Other radon reduction procedures include pressurization, sealing, heat-recovery ventilation, and even natural ventilation. You can consult with the specialists at Pro Source Restoration to find the solution that is right for you.

Pro Source Restoration: The Radon Experts

The highly qualified staff at Pro Source Restoration has the knowledge and experience to evaluate the radon levels that may affect you. If required, we can discuss the options for radon mitigation that will work best for you and fit your budget. Our staff proudly serves our neighbors in Prescott, Prescott Valley. Dewey, Mayer, Humboldt, and Chino Valley.

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