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Water Damage Cleanup

Has Your Life Been Turned Upside Down by Water Damage?

Your mattresses, furniture, and wallboards are saturated with water, just waiting for mold to collect. You feel as if your life has changed forever. will hold mud and contamination forever. Don’t risk infection, illness, or injury. Call the water damage experts: Pro Source Restoration. We will expertly apply solutions to:

  • Water damage Repair
  • Emergency water damage restoration
  • Frozen pipes that have burst
  • Basement flooding
  • Flood damage restoration

Be Safe!

The first thing you need to do during and after a water disaster is to make sure it is safe to be in the building. Every year well over 100 people from water disasters. Many of the fatalities result from electrocution, often after the floodwaters have gone down. or other accidents that occur after the floodwaters have gone down. Follow the safety instructions of experts. Sometimes floodwaters peak several times. Although the water appears to be going down, it could rise again and trap you. If there is a widespread flood stay tuned to a TV or radio for updates.

A Burst Pipe?

Have you experienced a burst pipe or water tank? Many people in our area wind up with burst pipes at the first freeze of winter. This often happens when evaporative coolers were not drained properly at the end of the summer. You will need professional assistance immediately.

When it comes to Water Damage, “The Sooner the Better!”

When water damage is not resolved quickly, the more severe the damage will be. The experts at Pro Source Restoration have the tools and resources on hand to remove moisture and protect your property.

Water Damage Restoration

Our water damage restoration technicians have the skill and equipment necessary to restore your home or business so it will look like new, back to its pre-loss condition.

Call Your Insurance Company and Let Them Know about the Water Damage

Call your Insurance agent as soon as you can after a water disaster. Clearly describe in detail the damage to your home and contents of which you are aware. Your agent can then file a claim. The quicker you can talk to your agent, the sooner your application can be documented. An adjuster will then be designated to evaluate the damage to your home or business property. You may be nicely surprised by how much of your loss is covered!

Establish a Recovery Plan

As soon as is feasible, you need to assess the damage and create a plan for recovery. If you organize your approach, you can save both time and money. Is your structure is considerably damaged? If you need to restore, your recuperation plan should incorporate floodproofing procedures that can be combined with measures that can help you to save thousands of dollars in the future. The recovery specialists at Pro Source Restoration can help you develop your plan.

“Make It Better!”

Don’t just build it back to what is was: Now is the time to improve it! There is no better time to consider floodproofing your home and being proactive to protect your home or commercial building in the future. Such measures can be simple, cost-effective, and quite easy to set in place. Consult with the team at Pro Source Restoration for ideas.

Pro Source Restoration for Water Damage

At Pro Source Restoration, we do everything we can to make every customer happy. The qualified staff at Pro Source Restoration has the expertise to handle every water damage and restoration job. We take care of it all, and no job is too big or too small.

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